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Current Case Examples:
  • Surgical Intervention - Client falls into negligently maintained ground utility box causing severe life altering knee/joint pain and need for surgical... More →
  • Work Related Injuries - Work Related Injuries covers injuries while driving, while operating machinery, while working on construction site, including... More →
  • Malpractice - Medical Malpractice, Dental Malpractice, Nursing Malpractive and Nursing Home Malpractive/Negligence. - Medical malpractice... More →
  • Motorcycle Accidents - If you are involved in a motorcycle accidents in PA or NJ, call KB Grear, LTD for consultation. - Motorcycle Accidents impact... More →
  • Automobile Accidents - (Limited and Full Tort in PA; Verbal and NonVerbal Threshold in NJ and Serious Injury in NY), Underinsured and Uninsured claims.... More →
  • Pedestrian Auto Accident - Scenario: A car hits pedestrian at crosswalk or other place. After seeking the appropriate medical attention, talk with a lawyer... More →
  • Automobile Defects - We specialize in automobile defects that result in injury to drive and/or passengers of vehicle. - Injuries from automobile... More →
  • Unsafe Products - Unsafe products that cause injury or death. - We as consumers are entitled to expect that the products we use in our daily lives... More →
  • Civil Rights Violations - Civil Rights Violations resulting in physical injury and/or death (example: police excessive force without probable cause). -... More →
  • Unjust Denial of Private Disability Ins. Claims - If you have a private disability policy (not through your employer) and your claim for disability benefits has been denied, you... More →

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